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Beach Games:
The group is divided into teams which participate in beach volley, penalties game, fun races, tug- bocci (local bowls games) and raft building activities.

Team Building:
Team building games that can be organised on a beach or hotel grounds. Standard games include Aquadot Building (plastic pipes and wooden sticks are used to construct an aquadot to transfer water from one point to another), Cross the River (wooden beams and boxes are used to cross an imaginary river), Spider's Web (team members help each other pass through a net without touching it) and Raft Building. We can also create new games suitable for the likes of any group.

For large groups, we can subdivide the group into different teams and each team will rotate to do different activity at given timings. We can set up aireal ropeway, kayak races, mountain bike races, pistol shooting, jeep time trials all this will be set up in the same location.